3 Ways to Get Better Results from Your Social Media Manager

Do you want even better results from your social media marketing campaign? More likes? More shares? Better engagement?

You can have it all–if you’re willing to do just three simple things. If you do these things you will get better results out of your freelance social media manager.

1. Communicate

Don’t just tell your social media manager to update your page every day and then disappear. You’re probably doing a lot of cool things that might enhance her efforts.

Are you presenting at a trade show next weekend? Did you just donate a zillion pairs of shoes to charity? Did you sponsor a local athlete in some sort of awesome race? Did someone feature you in a local newspaper?

Your social media manager needs to know these things so she can post them into your accounts on your behalf.

You should also be available just in case your SMM has questions. People often try to reach out on social media services for customer service purposes. If your SMM does not work for your company she has absolutely no idea how to answer these questions. She can only e-mail you and hope you answer quickly enough to make these people happy. If you don’t, she’s going to have to admit that she’s “working off-site” and is “trying to get in touch with the owner,” which will sort of make it clear that the business itself is not accessible to customers. That’s the opposite of what your social media efforts are meant to achieve.

2. Send photographs.

Yes, your SMM can use stock photos to give your page some visual interest. But customers are pretty smart and they can usually tell when they’re looking at stock.

They don’t mind it, but they don’t really engage with it.

What they want are your original pictures, and as many of them as possible–especially if they come from awesome events like the ones mentioned above.

3. Don’t spend your entire budget on your SMM.

Of course a good social media manager can get you likes and follows over time. But it will go a lot faster if you make a little more room in your social media budget.

What would that room be used for? Targeted Facebook advertising and boosting posts, for one thing. Twitter and Instagram accounts are easy to grow because you can reach out to people you don’t know, but it’s all but impossible to grow quickly on Facebook without resorting to at least a little paid advertising. You might want to set aside some product to run really good Rafflecopter contests, too, if you are the type of company that has something that would make a good giveaway item.

Can your social media program function without these three items?

Of course it can. However, it won’t function as well, and you might not be as happy with the results.

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