August Round-Up

August was a long, rough month for me. A friend of mine died in a car accident. I drove six days with two cats to execute a move.

Still, I got a couple of things done this month. For example, I penned this assessment of whether or not Duck Duck Go is a true Google competitor while sitting in one of my hotel rooms.

I also got this interview done with Jason Barnard of the SEO is AEO podcast.

If your reaction to the name of the podcast is a solid “WTF is AEO,” you’re not alone. I had the same reaction.

It turns out “AEO” stands for “Answer Engine Optimization.” It’s about looking at SEO as an engine for delivering answers to people who need answers. Doing it this way encourages people to think more about the human side of the equation. It’s a great guide for content marketing, since it is essentially all about learning what people’s questions are, and then providing the best answers you can possibly provide.

I’ve been griping about “putting people first” and “align your content with Google’s goals and the rest should follow” for years, and I’m pleased to see that the entire industry seems to be coming to the same conclusions. I’m willing to admit that I, right-brained individual that I am, have taken this too far sometimes, to the point where I went through a whole phase where I didn’t even want to look at a keyword research tool.

It’s still nice to see.

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