February Round-up

February is for love, and I loved doing these pieces this month:

MarTech Solutions – Deployment, Implementation, and Adoption with Michelle Robbins.

Next, I caught up with some talented agency owners in Agency Leader Reflections on Starting Out.

And a feature piece on How to Choose Your Agency’s Service Offerings.

Ashley Beaudoin and I bonded over our mutual impostor syndrome in this piece. We also talked about social selling, and ways for agencies to price their services.

Then on to a feature piece on How to Grow Your Agency’s Client Base.

Lisa Barone discussed the value of being an “intelligent contrarian.” She was a blast to talk to.

Finally, wrapping up the month, a feature piece on why various founders of digital marketing agencies started theirs.

I want to do a lot more content like all of this, where I’m talking to experts, adding value, and coming up with great pieces. That is, 100%, one of my 2019 goals.

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