This is Basically What Content Marketing is All About

Content marketing is not new. It was working long before the Internet became a thing.

It’s just that customers are more jaded than ever these days. Back in the 1950s some of them were still attracted to glitz and hype.

This post from The Richards Group is a great explanation of what customers want today. I go through this exact thought process whenever I put together a piece of content, either for this blog, or for yours.

A brief synopsis: the post is all about making your content/your advertising useful to the customer.

I would also add to this. Make it honest, too.

There are still companies out there who think bait-and-switch is a great tactic. For example, I really need to replace some broken furniture. I have decided to do so by buying a sectional sofa.

I looked up sectional sofas online and was very happy to find one furniture dealer in town who sold them, I thought, for $250.

I’m glad I didn’t walk into the furniture store with just $250 cash. I got a little flier for them in the mail today. It was in very tiny print, but the flier included information that the website had neglected to mention. The sectional was $250 per piece, which means I need to adjust my budget to accommodate the minimum of two pieces that I will need.

What has this done to my perception of their brand? It’s annoyed me, for sure. Has it made me wonder whether there are better options out there? Of course it has. If I’ve got to pay $500 anyway then maybe there’s something else I can do with another furniture store who won’t try to trick me in order to sell their furniture. I’ll be looking into that today.

So. Be useful. Be honest. And make sure you hire writers, graphic artists, and marketing firms who are going to approach your customers from that standpoint.

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