Use Your E-Mail List to Enhance Your Online Reputation

This week I did some guest posting over at again. It was all about how you can use your e-mail list to enhance your online reputation. You can read it here:

3 Ways You Can Use Your E-Mail List to Enhance Your Reputation

This post was definitely born from a pet peeve I’ve been dealing with–companies that just don’t talk to their customers. You have this e-mail list. You’re sending out all these 20% coupon blasts. But you don’t want to tell me that you’re going to have a 3 day planned service outage, that the pool at my gym is not going to be available, or that you’ve finally fixed that annoying squeaky door? Why the heck not?

I think e-mail lists are at their best and most effective when the people on them are talking like human beings, and are treating me like a human being in return. Those are certainly the ones I actually bother to open, anyway. Part of that discussion is stepping back from marketing from time to time and thinking: “hey, I’ve got some information that can serve my customers better.”

Got a freelance writer working on your e-mail lists? It doesn’t take but a few seconds to ask that person to send out the communication on your behalf. 🙂 Let him or her worry about how to word it for you. Just let the writer know what you need to say. Yeah, you might incur an extra fee for the writer’s time. You might also avoid losing a whole bunch of customers.  I know which course of action think is more expensive…


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