Writing vs. Writing to Elevate Your Brand

business_go_huddle_150_wht_12067I recently read a post by Lisa Tilt writing to elevate your brand.

In order to be successful writers and bloggers, of course, we can’t get too worked up about writing to elevate our brand. We always have to be thinking about what customers want to read.

Plugging our brand has to be thrown in there like an afterthought. (Oh by the way, if you want some help with this stuff drop me an e-mail).

However, it’s also all too easy to be aware of the fact that the primary reason you’re doing this is that ultimately, you want to make some money. I think this is what leads to a lot of the stilted, bad content out there (including some of the stuff I’ve written).

It takes awhile to relax and enjoy a blog. To play with your voice a little bit. To forge some relationships. To get comfortable showcasing other people’s content (after all, what if it takes a potential customer off to another site?) To become authentic.

This is similar to the problem that plagues social media sites.

Most people just don’t wait around long enough to push through the problem. They grow frustrated that their blog or website isn’t making any money but is eating up hours of effort (or hundreds of dollars, if they’re paying someone else to do it). They get irritated when they realize that they need to consume content, not just create it, so that you can actually join the conversation.

I’ve had enough failed blogs to know all of these pains. I didn’t learn how to get past them until I got paid clients who let me manage their blogs – and then I saw how it all worked, how it all came together, and how it all “clicked.”

So if you’re struggling with the notion that you desperately need to “SELL SOMETHING ALREADY” while trying to pretend that you don’t care about selling anything at all, you’re really not alone.

Just know that this kind of marketing is all about rolling a snowball downhill. You start with this itty bitty unimpressive handful of snow. You slowly roll it downhill. Sooner or later it becomes too big to lift. When you’re about halfway down the hill you have something about as big as you are – and out of nowhere, people start showing up to respond.

Write to build relationships. The rest will follow.

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