96 Blog Post Ideas for an Electrician

Electrician BlogSold on all the benefits of blogging? Ready to create posts which will build trust, get leads, and help you enjoy better search rankings?

It’s not for the faint of heart, especially as you typically need 8 posts a month to really see the benefits. And it’s easy to think: who the heck is going to read an electrician’s blog? After all, it’s not health and beauty. It’s not about dating and romance or personal development.

And sure, people don’t care about electricity, specifically, but they do care about their homes and taking care of their homes. They also care about taking care of their appliances. You might not earn regular readers writing this blog, but you will get customers and traffic.

Now all you have to do is figure out what to write (or figure out what you’re going to have other people write for you).

Fortunately, coming up with 96 blog posts–enough to cover an entire year–isn’t that hard.

Let’s start with keyword research – (11 posts).

I just ran a keyword search on electricians on Keyword Tool. I like this tool because it allows you to do a “question” search, and question searches tell me what an electrician’s customers really want to know. A lot of the questions I found were career questions, which don’t speak to the audience I’d want to reach on an electrician’s blog. But I did come up with 11 interesting questions which would all make outstanding posts, plus one “phrase” post that gives me a blog idea. First, I’ll run down the list of keywords. Then I’ll tell you what the post titles might look like.

  • Can electrician install cable outlet 
  • Do electricians take credit cards
  • Do electricians install thermostats
  • How electricians wind extension cords
  • What electrician charge per hour
  • When to call an electrician
  • Electricians who install generators
  • Who regulates electricians
  • Who licenses electricians
  • Why electricians are so expensive
  • Will an electrician install ceiling fans?

The posts would look something like this:

  • Cable Outlet Installation in City, State – If you offer the service, I’d take photos of your most recent one and use it to work your way through the post. I’d also spend time talking about what people need to know about the installation, how much it typically costs, etc. If you don’t offer the service you can send people to the right people to get their cable outlets installed. They’ll appreciate it, and they will remember you.
  • Do Electricians Take Credit Cards? – You can go through your entire payment policy and all your payment methods here. You might even warn people about electricians who demand cash only, since that’s a common sign of a contractor scam.
  • Thermostat Installation  in City, State – Again, I’d take some photos of a recent install and either write about it or send it on to your ghostwriter. Since this is a fairly simple install you might even give some caveats for people who want to try to do this themselves.
  • How Electricians Wind Extension Cords – This would make a great video post. But you’d also want to talk about why electricians wind extension cords a certain way.
  • What Electricians Charge Per Hour – Self-explanatory, but you can also talk about why different electricians charge different rates.
  • When to Call an Electrician – Danger signs to watch out for!
  • Whole Home Generator Installation in City, State – Again, grab your camera and click through your next install. Write about it.
  • Who Regulates Electricians? – You can go into where people can go to complain if they feel an electrician has screwed them. You can talk about licensing. You can talk about what happened in the days before the industry was regulated.
  • How an Electrician Gets His License – Help hammer home the importance of dealing with a licensed electrician by talking about the entire process you went through before your state gave you a license.
  • Why Electricians Are So Expensive – Explain it!
  • Ceiling Fan Installation in City, State – Same as before.

Branching Out from the Keyword Research – (6 posts).

As I look over the former list I see some topics which immediately suggest themselves.

  • Extension Cord Safety
  • How Much Money Will You Save with a Programmable Thermostat?
  • X Reasons Why You Need a Whole Home Generator
  • How to Verify You’re Dealing with a Legitimate Electrician
  • Why Electricians are Reluctant to Share Their Pricing
  • X “DIY” Projects Best Left to Electricians

Other Jobs – (15 posts)

I’m using a conservative number here, assuming you only have 15 other services you do on a regular basis. In each and every case you can go right ahead and take those  photos and talk about the job you did. Talk about the customer’s problem. Talk about the process of solving it. Show off the end results. This is especially fun where the visuals really matter, like when you’re dealing with landscape lighting, outdoor lighting, or track lighting.

Common Customer Questions – (15 posts)

Again, this is a conservative figure. But in my experience, every company hears the same ten to twenty questions over, and over, and over again.

Why not make your life easier by answering those questions right on your site? If you’re not sure what those questions are, have whomever answers your phone jot them down as he or she gets them. Then answer them on your blog, or get on the phone with your ghostwriter to get them answered. Write down the questions even if they’re stupid (especially if they’re stupid).

Things You Wish Your Customers Would Stop Doing/Saying/Asking – (7 posts)

Again, I’d say “seven” is a conservative figure. However, if you’re in any business there are always things customers do which make their lives, and your lives, harder than they have to be. By talking about those issues on your blog you actually give yourself a better chance of getting great reviews, because you’re going to make their experience and your experience that much smoother.

Seasonal Posts – (4 posts)

Spring, summer, fall, and winter…every one of these seasons presents your customers with specific electrical challenges, whether it’s hanging Christmas lights in winter or running through a spring home maintenance checklist. Take a moment to tackle these seasonal challenges here.

DIY Tutorials – (10 posts)

Chances are there are some little DIY projects some people can easily do at home on their own. And you can be the people to walk them through this.

Why on earth, you ask, would you ever do this when you want them to hire you to do the work?

First, because chances are these jobs don’t bring in most of your big income to begin with. You provide the free information to build trust so they call you when they want to rewire their whole house. Second, many people will stare at your tutorial, conclude this is actually all way more frightening or time consuming than they thought it was, and, as a result, will call you anyway. They will lose some of their “pricing fears” when they see it on your blog, as they’re likely to conclude you would never share a DIY tutorial for anything which actually brings in the big bucks.

Tradeshows, Events, and Sponsorships – (4 posts)

This is, again, a conservative figure. Most electricians go to at least one trade show or home show every year. You may do more or less. You might also be sponsoring your local sports team, fun run, or charity.

If you’re not sponsoring anything or participating in anything I’d encourage you to do that. It’s a fine marketing tactic in its own right, it gives you stuff to blog about and it gives you legitimate reasons to put out press releases, which are great for providing backlinks. It might get you coverage in your local paper too, which provides you with even better backlinks and even more credibility. It also helps you meet real, live people who might use your services later.

Electrical Safety Posts – (11 posts) 

I can think of several off the top of my head. Note they’re not just about the safety of the people in the house–they’re also about preserving electrical equipment.

  • Do You Need to Install a GFCI Outlet?
  • Is Your Laptop in Mortal Danger?
  • X Electrical Mistakes Which Will Destroy Your Appliances
  • X Things to Teach Kids About Electricity
  • How to Babyproof Your Home
  • Microwave Safety
  • How to Prevent Dryer Fires
  • When to Throw Out Those Old Lamps
  • Electrical Safety for Outdoor Kitchens
  • Common Electrical Safety Mistakes
  • X Safety Tips to Remember When Your Electricity is Out

All About GFCI Switches – (14 posts)

I just did another keyword search on GFCI switches just to see if I could come up with anything good. I in fact came up with 15 new posts. This time I won’t convert them to titles. I’ll just share the question and keyword list so you can see for yourself.

  • GFCI outlets adapters
  • GFCI outlet clicking/buzzing noise
  • GFCI outlet burned out
  • GFCI outlet buttons won’t push
  • GFCI outlets for aluminum wiring
  • GFCI outlet keeps tripping
  • Do GFCI outlets need special wiring?
  • Do GFCI outlets protect electronics?
  • Are GFCI outlets required in garage?
  • Are GFCI outlets required outside?
  • Are GFCI outlets required in basements?
  • Are GFCI outlets required in laundry rooms?
  • Are GFCI outlets required in commercial buildings?
  • Can two GFCI outlets be on the same circuit?

These are all gold.

New homeowner advice – (5 posts)

Some of your customers are going to be homeowners who are either buying their first house or who have bought their first house. Use this to your advantage! By riffing on this theme I come up with the following post ideas:

  • X Things New Homeowners Should Understand About Their Electrical Systems
  • Electrical Systems in Older Homes
  • How Much Will it Cost to Bring My New Home up to Code?
  • X Warning Signs Your New Home’s Electrical System Will Cost A Bundle
  • X Mistakes New Homeowners Make With Their Electrical System

Home seller advice – (3 posts)

Eventually homeowners will need to sell, too. This reality provides fodder for several more posts.

  • X Signs You Need to Update Your Electrical System Before Selling Your Home
  • ROI on Electrical System Upgrades
  • X Electrical “Extras” Which Will Help You Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Money Saving Posts – (4 posts)

All customers want to save money on their electrical service. Who better than an electrician to help them do that? Here are a few example post titles.

  • X Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill
  • How to Choose the Best Light Bulbs for Your Home
  • Are Solar Panels a Good Option for You?
  • How Much Can You Really Save by Unplugging Appliances at Night?

News Posts – (3 posts)

Every now and then you should search the headlines to see what’s new. You might learn about a local contractor scamming everyone in their service area, and you can reference this while reminding customers what they can do to avoid being taken in. You might also talk about any advances in electrical technology. You can make predictions, talk about how your team is planning to take those changes into account, and more. You might also note local fires, and point them out to your readers when the cause was determined to be electrical in nature. That will give you another opportunity to re-iterate how important it is to call an electrician when there’s a problem rather than sitting on an issue for fear the repairs will cost too much.

And that brings us up to 96. 

Voila! You’ve made it up to a single year of blogging. Of course, ideally you’d blog again and again, year after year. Hopefully you’ve seen how to keep the ideas flowing, however, and have some ideas for other types of keyword or customer research you might do to determine what you ought to write about next.

Working with a ghost blogger? Keep in mind you will want to spend some time on the phone with that blogger so they can get your unique perspective. It’s easy to do this once a month so you can get through an hour of talk time and then send that blogger off to go write the entire month of content.

Do you have ideas for an electrician blog? Did you find this post helpful? Please let me know in the comments below. And if you know anyone who might benefit from this blog post, please do share it. You might just help your friend take their business up to the next level by bringing in more traffic and leads than they’ve ever experienced before!

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