5 of June’s Best Content Marketing Posts

woman_at_chalk_board_400_wht_7852I have recently gotten hip to the subject of “round-up” posts.

I don’t know why it took me so long. I’ve seen other bloggers doing it for years. But I think it didn’t fit with my perception of “being a writer.”

Blogging, as it turns out, is about joining a conversation. Good writing is just what makes your conversation sound coherent instead of half-drunk.

Of course, I only blog 4 times a month over here (though I blog daily on a variety of marketing topics over at TVS Internet Marketing) it doesn’t make much sense to do a weekly round-up. So I figure I’ll do a monthly round up, focusing on the great stuff I read during the previous month.

This will be more refined for next month’s monthly round-up. I didn’t really think of this until the end of June, which is why there are only 5 posts this time. Next time I want to present the entire month’s worth of awesomeness.

The first was from Crazy Egg: Create Loyal Customers and Raving Fans with Just Your Website. It was a nice post because it went way beyond “content is king, blah blah blah.” It went into some of the nuts and bolts of what makes content good (or great). There were clear examples and screen shots to drive the points home.

The second wasn’t a blog post at all, but a Slide Share Presentation: 50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing.┬áI took particular notice of slide #8: “64% of B2B content marketers say their biggest challenge is creating enough content.” Probably because that’s what I do: I help business owners like you create enough content for your marketing efforts.

Next, there was 26 Essentials for Blogging Success: What You Need to Know over on Social Media Examiner. It’s so much more than just writing up posts of 250 words or more.

Technocrati’s “The State of Content Marketing in 2013”┬áincluded a very nice infographic that makes it very easy to see the value that content marketing can bring to your business–and what you stand to lose by <strong>not</strong> having a clear cut content marketing strategy. According to the infographic, blogging means getting 67% more leads than you’d have without a blog.

Finally, there was How to Write Interesting Content for a “Boring” Topic, from Copyblogger. This is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. Copyblogger’s examples are awesome as all get out, and I frankly wish I’d thought of them first. Alas, I didn’t, so I shared it with you instead.



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