June Round-Up

Big month this month, starting with an interview with Rosie Murphy of Bright Local. We talked about developing research-based content. There’s a reason Bright Local comes out with so many amazing original research pieces, and the reason is Rosie.

Next, I covered the net promoter score and the customer experience.

How the Best Marketing Agencies Screen Clients to Avoid Disaster¬†was a wake-up call for me. When you’re on your own, it’s so tempting to just take any client that comes along. It reminded me the marketer-client relationship that is most likely to succeed is the one that has some synergy. No synergy? A relationship rife with issues.

It’s not dating, but maybe it lives in that neighborhood, right along with every other kind of human interaction.

Next, I covered the way Google Suggested Answers now interacts with your reviews. Key takeaways: manage reviews. Answer your Q&As when it’s appropriate. GMB users are now being guided directly to the parts of a review that matter most to them.

As always, if you see issues do something about them, because you can’t put lipstick on a pig. It makes you look stupid and it just upsets the pig.

Next up, an interview with a man who quickly became one of my favorite people in the universe: Andy Crestodina. Speaking with Andy really created some serious “light bulb” moments for me vis a vis content marketing and the proper way to approach it.

Fellow consultants and agency owners might want to check out these hacks for getting more business.

Finally, an interview with Cori Graft. Cori helps multi-location national clients kick butt and stay visible. Don’t miss her Q&A.

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